Learning Python

My journey into Python has begun.

Learning Python
Photo by David Clode / Unsplash

Python is sexy to look at. I keep saying this without knowing anything about the language other than everyone keeps raving about it... Especially since the data science boom.

I have attempted to learn Python before while trying to create a Discord bot for the stock market.  I struggled. I stumbled and I didn't learn anything useful in my 6 hours spent attempting.

I got frustrated, impatient and decided to just use JavaScript for the Discord bot. Within a day, it was done. This is to be expected since I work with JavaScript daily.

How should I learn Python?

I'm a programmer that knows how to read documentation.  I could go this route but I would need a pet project and we all know how that went.

I wanted to try a different approach. I needed structure with all the distractions during this pandemic.  I've skimmed a few of the free courses online but ultimately decided on just buying a Udemy course.

Reviews matter to me. So if more than 340,000 people left a review on a course and that course stays above 4.5 stars, I can safely assume the course is good, right? RIGHT?

Diving in

With the course in hand, I started it. Let me just say, I love it when web applications have the ability to change video playback speed. I set my speed to 1.25x and away I went.

I skimmed the introduction and most of the data type chapter. The first time I slowed down the video playback was the list comprehension section. Wow, that's powerful.

Keep on keepin' on

As I'm going through the motions and following code examples via the provided Jupyter Notebook I have realized something.  I love typing in this programming language.  Compared to JavaScript, it's way less keystrokes, looks cleaner.

I can see myself really getting into this. Python has singlehandedly rekindled my coding bug. Pun intended.

What am I going to be doing with Python? Who knows? I'll probably dabble into a little bit of everything until I hit a niche that makes my eyes light up.

Until then, I'm just along for the ride.